Nursing home abuse is a horrid, shameful phenomenon that should never be allowed. Sadly, it is still happening to hundreds and thousands of elderly people around the country. We put our loved ones in a nursing home to be taken care of, kept safe and comfortable, to see their needs fulfilled and medical conditions observed.

A nursing home should be a sanctuary, but sometimes, when the wrong individual is entrusted with a job they are not fit for, bad things can happen.

But you and your loved ones don’t have to suffer this in silence

Nursing home abuse doesn’t have to be the type of horror film type to constitute abuse. Neglect, verbal abuse, humiliation and derision are also awful practices that can badly hurt an elderly person.

The job of a caretaker should only be filled by caring, devoted individuals who have the patience and gentle spirit to administer the service our loved ones need. When and if impatience or a bad temper lead to systematic rough treatment, physical or verbal, you need to see a St. Clair County Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Attorney.

What Can a St. Clair County Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Attorney do For You?

First and foremost, it will stop the abuse.

No establishment will allow a malpractice to continue when faced by decisive legal action from a known law firm. When all else failed, and complaints to the nursing home’s management have resulted in nothing at all, a lawsuit has the power to put a stop to the humiliation and abuse, immediately.

The next thing is restitution. Emotional trauma caused to the elderly person and their family should never be allowed to go without punishment or compensation. An experienced St. Clair County Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Attorney can secure fair compensation for damages caused to you and your loved ones, to help deal with the ensuing trauma, and ensure that this never happens again.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

When taking legal action, you want a law firm that has a reputation for success in delivering results to their clients. You want a lawyer who has abundant experience in dealing with similar cases throughout their careers. You want a name that is known in the field, a person who commands respect and authority. This is us.

We are led by the best, which makes us the best in the field. Bob Gregory, the firm’s owner and CEO was repeatedly named Leading Lawyer in Illinois for his experience with nursing home abuse and neglect cases. In fact, he is the only attorney in South Illinois to be honored by this distinction.

But this is not all. He has also been honored as one of the top 100 Trial Lawyers in Illinois by the National Trial Lawyers organization. This is naming only two among many other distinctions and accomplishments.

We have a reputation of repeatedly earning the trust of our clients, this being our highest priority.

If you are facing neglect or abuse in a nursing home, you need the best Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in St. Clair County Illinois. And we are here for you.

Call the office of Robert H. Gregory and be represented by the best.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Customer Reviews

 by Karen Mitch-Johnson on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

My husband and I highly recommend Bob Gregory. He represented us in two cases.. one was a nursing home case and the other was a vehicle accident.
Bob went to great lengths to get information needed for both cases in a relatively short period of time. He kept us informed of all his findings. He showed us great empathy due to our losses. He was very easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable. Glad that he was referred to us by a friend.

 by Brenda Gremli on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

Bob Gregory represented my husband in an injury case!! He was very professional and guided us through the whole process with ease!! He made us feel comfortable in a difficult situation!! Thanks!!

 by Heather d'Hanis Birdsell on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

 by Chi Ebert Pelo on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

I highly recommend Robert Gregory to anyone looking for an attorney who will go the extra mile for you. It is hard to find someone that looks out for your interest above all else.

 by Dawn Davies Baum on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

Thank you for doing what you do. It is very much appreciated.

 by Cindy Crockarell on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

 by Kellie King on Law Office of Robert Gregory, P.C.

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