Check Your Underinsured Motorist Auto Insurance Coverage

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Many of our clients are shocked to learn that the vehicle owner whose negligent act has resulted in the motor vehicle collision that injured them lacks sufficient liability insurance coverage to adequately compensate them for their medical bills, wage loss and other damages they have sustained.

Since there is no guarantee that a negligent driver will carry enough liability insurance to pay for your losses in the event you are injured in a vehicle collision, the best advice is to check the declaration sheet of your automobile insurance policy to determine the limits of your own under-insured motorist auto coverage.

Under-insured motorist auto coverage is insurance you pay for yourself which will pay up to the difference between the amount of a negligent driver’s liability insurance limits and the limits of your under-insured motorist’s coverage amount in the event that your medical bills and other losses exceed the other driver’s liability limits.

Premiums for under-insured motorist coverage are relatively inexpensive compared to other elements of auto insurance, and constitute the best buy for the security of knowing that if you are hurt in a car wreck, you will be adequately covered for any injuries or losses sustained in the collision.

If you have questions regarding this type of insurance coverage, contact your insurance agent for a policy review, or feel free to contact our personal injury firm with any questions in this regard.

The time to check into this is before you are involved in a collision that results in medical bills, wage loss or other damages for which you should be fairly compensated.